The Toronto District School Board is required to align its electoral boundaries with municipal ward boundaries in the City of Toronto.

In February 2018, Trustees approved new trustee ward boundaries to align with the City of Toronto’s decision to increase the number of councillors from 44 to 47 based on extensive community consultations conducted by the City and the Board. However, during this election period, the provincial government introduced and passed Bill 5, The Better Local Government Act, to reduce the number of municipal councillors to 25 from 47 to align with the current provincial and federal ridings.

Reluctantly, trustees were required to realign their ward boundaries again using the 25 provincial/federal boundaries in the City of Toronto or else ward boundaries would be imposed by the province; and because of the timelines, making a decision without any opportunity for public notification and consultation. The selected option of how to fit 22 trustees into the 25 ridings attempts to balance the number of schools in each ward.

Regardless of the process, I am pleased to be running in the new TDSB Ward 8 – Eglinton-Lawrence and Toronto-St Paul’s.

Ward boundaries are administrative – they relate to the election and who you vote for to represent you – every voter in TO will vote for Mayor/Councillor and Trustee (Public or Separate). Schools that used to be within a former ward boundary may now fall in another and therefore the trustee representing the school may change.


New 25 City of Toronto Ward Boundaries matching Provincial Ridings

New 22 TDSB Ward Boundaries matching Provincial Ridings TrusteeWardBoundaries2018

Maps of Provincial Ridings


Schools in Ward 8 as of December 1, 2018 include –

Elementary – 28

  • Allenby Junior Public School
  • Armour Heights Public School
  • Baycrest Public School
  • Brown Junior Public School
  • Cedarvale Community School
  • Cottingham Junior Public School
  • Davisville Junior Public School
  • Deer Park Junior and Senior Public School
  • Eglinton Junior Public School
  • Fairbank Public School
  • Flemington Public School
  • Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School
  • Glen Park Public School
  • Glenview Senior Public School
  • Hillcrest Community School
  • Humewood Community School
  • J R Wilcox Community School
  • John Ross Robertson Junior Public School
  • John Wanless Junior Public School
  • Joyce Public School
  • Lawrence Heights Middle School
  • Ledbury Park Elem and Middle School
  • McMurrich Junior Public School
  • North Preparatory Junior Public School
  • Oriole Park Junior Public School
  • Spectrum Alternative Senior School
  • West Preparatory Junior Public School
  • Winona Drive Senior Public School

Secondary – 5

  • Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School
  • John Polanyi Collegiate Institute
  • Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute
  • North Toronto Collegiate Institute
  • Yorkdale Secondary School