Relationships matter… as an individual trustee in order to affect policy change to benefit students’ academic success and wellbeing, you have to be able to work with, and be respected by others — parents and members of the local community, fellow trustees, senior board leadership, and politicians in municipal, provincial and federal governments. I pride myself on working well with others to support and improve our local schools.

In no particular order

“Shelley Laskin has a proven record of strengthening Toronto schools and neighbourhoods. The School Board needs her ability to listen and lead.”
Myer Siemiatycki, Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University

“Trustee Laskin, is, in my opinion, the most resourced trustee with an understanding of the governance role, second to none. I, and others, can count on her to ensure how we can work within the Education Act and our policies, procedures and by-laws to accomplish our goals. She is always open to supporting her colleagues. She has been instrumental in our transition phase over this past term in ensuring the board moved forward in a way that is accountable, transparent and invoked public trust. The Board needs her, now more than ever.”
Tiffany Ford, TDSB Trustee

“As a parent in St. Paul’s, I appreciated Shelley Laskin’s 24/7 dedication to her role as trustee – a job some suggest is “part-time,” but which Shelley treats as a calling. But it was in my role as longtime education reporter for the Toronto Star that I truly appreciated Shelley Laskin’s 24/7 availability to us in the media, whose job it is to explain to the public, to parents and students, what’s really happening in our schools. Shelley made herself available to reporters, no matter how controversial the topics may have sometimes been. She took the time to explain the background of the issues to us reporters, no matter how complex the issues. And she explained it in language that we could understand, so we then could explain in it plain English to readers and viewers. A triple threat! Shelley’s broad grasp of the education system, and her years of service at its heart – including her years as a former TDSB chair – have made her an invaluable champion for public education. She deserves to be back at the TDSB, regardless of where the ward boundaries land!”
Louise Brown, Education journalist, former Star education reporter, former St. Paul’s parent

“Shelley Laskin has been a trustee who provides personal connections to all – student, parent, staff, stakeholders, agencies, and organizations. It is her capacity to reach, listen, and engage in quality discussions that contributes to her understanding; and informs not only her commitment in representing her ward, but also the success and well-being of ALL students and staff. In governance and policy decision-making, Trustee Laskin asks pointed questions, brings alternative perspectives, and proposes data-informed solutions that raise the level of discussion on complex issues; always focusing on the impact and responsibility of boardroom on classrooms. The hallmark of Shelley Laskin’s trusteeship are representation and leadership service that holds staff to high expectations and standards while ensuring they have the capacity to be the best; champions responsible and equitable use of public funds that provide modern programs and resources for all students; and parent and stakeholders engagement as necessary and central to public education.”
Gen-Ling Chang, former Associate Director, TDSB

“As a former Student Trustee for the board, I’ve worked closely alongside Shelley Laskin and have been amazed by her unparalleled support for the student voice. There’s nobody more committed, innovative and empathetic to make the Toronto District School Board great board that it deserves to be. Shelley is a leading and respected figure in public education not only in Toronto but across the province and is somebody that students deserve to have supporting them and their interests. Shelley Laskin is a model example for all trustees, both of the past and for the future.”
Kourosh Houshmand, former Student Trustee, TDSB

“We are very fortunate to have dedicated and caring community advocates such as Shelley Laskin putting her name forward in public service. Shelley has a proven track record of leadership at the Toronto District School Board. Her continued voice at the table will put the needs of students first. We are pleased to support Shelley.”
Ferg and Kathy Devins, St Paul’s residents

“When it comes to education in Toronto – Shelley is incredibly accomplished, experienced and dedicated. Her passion for providing the best possible educational experiences for Toronto’s kids is matched by her expertise on the many practical aspects of how to get things done in this complex, diverse city. I personally endorse Shelley for Trustee – I am confident she will do a great job!”
Margaret Proctor, proud parent and former school council co-chair

“Shelley’s experience and expertise has been critical at the TDSB. Her commitment to public education is unwavering. I could not be happier to endorse her for Trustee. We will need her voice at the Board now more than ever facing a difficult four years.”
Marit Stiles, MPP – Davenport and former TDSB Trustee

“Shelley Laskin exemplifies the best of what trusteeship should mean. At the very heart of wanting to be a trustee there has to be a compelling desire to see oneself as a steward, as one who wants to serve. This is the only kind of trustee who can truly inspire others, the person who makes a conscious choice to commit individual energy to the wellbeing and improvement of the whole – – the collective good. This is Shelley Laskin.”
Jeff Sprang, St Paul’s resident

“Shelley Laskin is a remarkably dedicated trustee who brings both institutional memory through her long service to date and fresh ideas for a better future for the students of TDSB. She is an intelligent and constructive force around the Board table and I am pleased to endorse Shelley’s efforts to continue her valuable work as a trustee.”
Charles Pascal, Professor, OISE/University of Toronto & Former Ontario Deputy Minister of Education

“As long-time residents of St. Paul’s we have witnessed and benefitted greatly from Shelley Laskin’s terrific work in our neighbourhood schools. She is fair-minded, dedicated, energetic and a true visionary. At a time when our educational system is facing many serious challenges, we can count on Shelley to always put the interests of our students first!”
Tom and Sharon Scanlan, St Paul’s residents

I have been lucky to know Shelley as both a student and a constituent. We have one of the most plugged-in neighbourhoods in our city, vibrant and diverse. In these changing times I have no doubt that Shelley has the pulse of our community and experience to represent us. She is a proven fighter for public education for both students and parents and deserves re-election!”
Max B. Rubin, St. Paul’s Resident and Chair of the Wychwood Barns Community Association

“Trustee Shelley Laskin serves tirelessly to protect and promote the best interests of the students and schools within her ward. She enjoyed enormous confidence of local residents by being accessible, resourceful and willing to listen and find solutions to the concerns of not only parents with school-aged children, but to local residents concerned about our public school system.”
Margaret Walker, St Paul’s resident

“I wholeheartedly endorse Shelley Laskin, once again, for Toronto District School Board Trustee for Ward 11. I have witnessed firsthand her commitment to the children of our community. Shelley listens to parents and families, and works in partnership and collaboration with teachers and administration to ensure the highest quality of education in our schools. I look forward to continuing to work with Shelley on behalf of the residents of Toronto-St. Paul’s for years to come.”
Hon. Carolyn Bennett, M.D., Member of Parliament for St. Paul’s

“As former chair of the Parent Council EcoSchool Committee at Maurice Cody, Hodgson and Northern, I have had the pleasure of working with Shelley over the years. I have first-hand knowledge of her dedication to public education and our community… No other candidate can bring the same experience, commitment and creative solutions to achieving equitable, healthy and successful schools.”
Cindy English, former EcoSchool/Revitalization Chair, NSS

“With pleasure and confidence, I recommend and support Shelley Laskin for re-election as trustee for the Toronto District School Board. Shelley is a responsive, proactive and collaborative leader on behalf of parents and the broader community. She has a successful record of building partnerships between parents, school staffs and the broader community. Her commitment to listening, communicating and getting action has earned her high regard. She is a tireless advocate for public schools that provide exemplary programs. She is diligent about fiscal accountability; while insisting on a mindset that searches for innovation and improvement.  Her work in the community and at the school board has resulted in programs that challenge and support students in being the best they can be. Shelley makes things happen. She serves with enthusiasm.  She listens with an open mind. She follows up to complete commitments.”
Marguerite Jackson, former Director of Education, TDSB

“I’ve worked with Shelley as a trustee for over a decade and she consistently came up with creative solutions to hard problems facing the board and her community. She’s tough-minded and cares about the schools, students, and communities in her ward. Shelley is just the sort of person the students and parents of Toronto need on the TDSB.”
Irene Atkinson, former Chair of the TDSB

“As a Psychotherapist from Skylark Children, Youth & Families who partners with Northern Secondary School in Toronto, I am encouraged to endorse Shelley Laskin – a skilled, collaborative and inspired choice for Public School Trustee to once again represent Ward 11. Shelley has been an active supporter of partnerships as Trustee.  Her insight, knowledge and respect of community engagement and involvement, for students, educators, families and professionals is outstanding.  I have known, seen and experienced Shelley advocating for resources depending on immediate needs and evolving trends in the educational and social service sector. Over the course of the last few years, she has been an outspoken advocate and participant in encouraging and participating in increasing a more in-depth awareness, dialogue and access to Mental Health initiatives, projects and activities focusing on youth, family and community resources at her schools and the community. Her ethics, compassion and advocacy on behalf of her community is a model for all.”
Dale R. Callender, Registered Psychotherapist, in school program – Skylark Children, Youth & Families at Northern Secondary School

“Being a trustee isn’t an easy job and Shelley is up to the challenges. She knows her community and looks after their needs, but also works on the larger board-wide and provincial issues that set the rules for our schools. Shelley’s an asset to every student and parent in the city.”
Howard Goodman, former Trustee, TDSB

“As both a seasoned Public School Trustee and a parent of children who went through the public school education system, Shelley truly understands what quality public school education involves. She works tirelessly on various Board committees and is dedicated to communicating Board issues and decisions with families to ensure student success and wellbeing. Every Sunday evening throughout the school year, Shelley disseminates a lengthy detailed newsletter of the Board’s main happenings of that week and those that will be coming in the future. She also shares the events of all schools in her family of schools so that everyone can share resources (e.g., attend speaker nights at different schools) and celebrate successes (e.g., student and staff awards and achievements). Shelley always responds to queries in a transparent and timely manner. She also helps chairs of school councils collaborate by the creation of distribution lists of contacts (with consent of course!), invitations to her ward forums and PIAC gatherings, and even her house to chat over coffee. Shelley is highly visible at school events such as commencements, fun fairs, and community forums. She puts forth tremendous effort to form caring relationships and partnerships with families to achieve student success. I personally have worked with Shelley in my school council roles from elementary to middle to high school levels of education. I strongly endorse Shelley Laskin as a Public School Trustee to represent Ward 11 of the TDSB.”
Beth Rossen, School Chair, Forest Hill Collegiate School Council

“Shelley Laskin is passionate about our public education system. It has been a true pleasure working closely with Shelley to deliver results for our community including several school field improvements. And through challenging times at the TDSB, she brought a thoughtful, caring and reasonable voice to the Board table when it was needed most.”
Josh Matlow, Toronto City Councillor, Ward 22, St Paul’s

“The public is always well served by political representatives who exhibit energy, imagination and an honest sense of responsibility to their constituents – my working experience with Shelley Laskin tells me that she is one of them.”
David Crombie, former Mayor of Toronto

“I know from experience that Shelley demonstrates a deep understanding of the issues facing the TDSB and is an outstanding community representative. I can think of no better champion at the Board Table for Ward 11, and for the City.”
Gail Nyberg OOnt, former Chair of the TDSB, 1998-2000, former Executive Director, Daily Bread Food Bank (2005-2018)

”I am happy to fully endorse and recommend Shelley Laskin for school board trustee. She is committed to public education, and creating a great school environment for our children. She is collaborative with colleagues and community alike. Our community has, and will continue to benefit from her leadership.”
Joe Mihevc, Toronto City Councillor, Ward 21, St Paul’s

“Over the years Shelley has demonstrated time and time again her dedication to improving our educational system and local schools. During her tenure as trustee she has been a champion of student nutrition programs, supporting mental wellness strategies and helped to pilot the first walking school bus to reduce traffic congestion, promote safety and physical activity. Those in the Ward are lucky to have her to continue her work on the TDSB to better the lives of our children for many years to come.”
Dr. Eric Hoskins, former Member of Provincial Parliament for St. Paul’s

“Shelley is committed and passionate about ensuring student success and well-being. At the board and committee table, she is respected for her wisdom and expertise. Her decisions are always guided by her commitment to her school community and to a safe, inclusive and caring environment for all students.”
Gerry Connelly, former Director, TDSB

“Shelley is decisive and an excellent problem solver who realizes that issues can be solved at a number of different levels and in a number of different ways. The NTCI redevelopment would not have happened without her support and political guidance. Shelley has tremendous integrity and knows how to make a difference for our students and our schools.”
Ashley Waltman, Principal, North Toronto Collegiate Institute, 1999-2007

“Shelley Laskin is, without question, a trustee with a vast array of experiences. She leads with integrity and honesty. As a former principal at West Preparatory Public School, I witnessed her commitment to our students, parents, staff and to the community that she served so well. As a former Chair of the Board, Shelley has proven to be a natural leader within the TDSB.”
Phil Egginton, former Principal, TDSB

“During the many years I have known Shelley I have had the honour of working alongside her as an active member of local school councils where she was a member and then School Trustee.  She continually demonstrated her ability to negotiate the complexities of local government and address the issues that matter to her local community. We need her!”
Jane Mooy, active community member

“Shelley is well respected by both parents and staff for her hard work, commitment and collaborative approach to finding positive solutions to problems. She is a strong believer in public education and as Trustee proves to be a real advocate for building local partnerships of staff, students and parents to ensure parents are involved in meaningful ways in their child’s education.”
Georgina Balascas, former Superintendent, TDSB

“Shelley is a trail blazer – be it the private-public partnership to  build North Toronto Collegiate, school gardens, policies to engage  parents or walking school buses,  Shelley finds innovative as well as  practical and cost-effective ways to get the job done. Shelley’s can do attitude, open and inclusive approach makes her an ideal leader and representative to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead at the TDSB.”
Pegeen Walsh, Parent of a student who has benefited from Shelley’s contributions at Maurice Cody, Hodgson and North Toronto Collegiate Institute, and former colleague

“Shelley Laskin has been an effective advocate for public education in the city of Toronto for more than a decade. As a senior staff member of TDSB, I worked closely with Shelley on several key initiatives including Ecoschools and the rebuilding of North Toronto. If reelected, I am confident she will continue to make the right decisions for the future of her community and TDSB. I strongly support and endorse Shelley Laskin as the right candidate for Ward 11.”
Sheila Penny, former TLC Chief Architect and Capital Advisor to the TDSB

“The constituents of Ward 11 will continue to be well served by Shelley Laskin as their Trustee. I have known Shelley for many years and had the pleasure of working with her in my role as Superintendent of Education. Shelley’s involvement in school life started many years ago with her own children. She was active on school councils and to this day champions the work of school councils as very important components of parent engagement. Shelley has always demonstrated integrity, commitment and passion in her role as a member of the Board. She is incredibly astute and well informed about the many issues affecting her community. She works tirelessly to support students, families and staff in her care. These days it requires courage and tenacity to assume a public role – Shelley Laskin has proven repeatedly that she is the best person and candidate to be the voice of Ward 11 in the TDSB. I am proud to endorse her as a candidate.”
Rauda Dickinson, former Superintendent, TDSB

“Shelley Laskin is a keen and compelling advocate of public education. She combines a well-developed policy sense with a deep commitment to the wellbeing and achievement of all students. The richly diverse communities of Toronto need her seasoned and focused leadership on the TDSB.”
Joan Green OOnt, former Director of the Toronto Board of Education, Founding CEO of EQA0, Senior Public Policy Consultant

“As former superintendent and a 40-year educator in Toronto, I am delighted to endorse Trustee Laskin’s ongoing commitment to our schools, our community and your kids. Many challenges lie ahead, and this community will benefit strongly from Shelley’s experience, knowledge of our system and dedication. She is an articulate, balanced and powerful voice for diversity, inclusion, programs and progress. She will listen, lead and advocate to bring reasoned and responsible leadership as we all deal with the challenges, changes and opportunities that lie ahead.“
Michael Smith, former Superintendent, TDBS, School College Work Liaison, Ciel Consulting

“Shelley Laskin is someone who really cares about students having access to high quality education. She has been a trustee supporting public education in Toronto for 4 terms over 20 years and has spent countless hours participating in education policy discussions at the provincial and school board level. Her voting record at school board meetings demonstrates her consistent support for programs and services that will enhance the educational experience for all students. Shelley is a strong advocate for the schools in her area, and works well with Board staff to address emerging issues in a timely manner.”
Carla Kisko, former Associate Director, TDSB

“With the Yonge-Eglinton and Davisville neighbourhoods experiencing unprecedented residential growth, our School Trustee, Shelley Laskin has been a force in championing for increased school capacity in our area. Pro-actively working with planning officials at the Toronto District School Board and the City of Toronto, Shelley has identified school capacity impacts for each specific school and has proposed short and longer term solutions. As a result, she has received approval for a new school to replace the current Davisville Jr. Public School, obtained agreements for additions to other area schools and has proposed the creation of a brand new elementary school. Shelley is to be complimented on her regular and comprehensive newsletter on all matters related to education. All in all, Shelly is to be commended on an outstanding performance!”
Andy Gort, long time resident

“I got to know Shelley after working closely with her on the Davisville-Yonge ARC. I was greatly impressed by her knowledge of the inner workings of the TDSB, her commitment to all of our children in the schools, and her desire to hear all voices in the discussion. Spending time with her at recent board meetings reinforced my appreciation of her ability to see the heart of the problem, and her experience in all school-related matters is a major asset. I love her additional priority of strengthening human resources in our schools. I am pleased to offer my endorsement of Shelley Laskin for TDSB Trustee in the new Ward 8.
Katharine Hancock, former Eglinton PS Parent Council Co-Chair

More to come…should you wish to add your endorsement of Shelley, please send an e-mail to shelley@shelleylaskin.ca