Due to provincial legislation, the City of Toronto has enacted a new ward structure to be implemented for the 2018 municipal elections, that reduces the number of City Wards to 25 and changes the boundaries of the existing wards. This provincial action required the Toronto District School Board to change the boundaries of its Trustee Wards to align with the new Toronto City wards and fit 22 trustees into the 25 wards, and because of the timelines, without public consultation.

Regardless of how we got here, I am proud to be running to represent the public school electors and the 33 schools in TDSB Ward 8 (TDSB Ward 8 is made up of City Ward 8 – Eglinton-Lawrence and City Ward 12 – Toronto-St Paul’s).

For a pdf of the map, please click here.

Ward boundaries are administrative – they relate to the election and who you vote for to represent you – every voter in TO will vote for Mayor/Councillor and Trustee (Public or Separate). Schools that used to be within a former ward boundary may now fall in another and therefore the trustee elected to represent the school may change.

TDSB Ward Boundaries as of December 1, 2018

Operating Schools in TDSB Ward 8

Eglinton-Lawrence (EL) – City Ward 8 and Toronto-St Paul’s (TSP) City Ward 12

  • Allenby Junior Public School (EL)
  • Armour Heights Public School (EL)
  • Baycrest Public School (EL)
  • Brown Junior Public School (TSP)
  • Cedarvale Community School (TSP)
  • Cottingham Junior Public School (TSP)
  • Davisville Junior Public School (TSP)
  • Deer Park Junior and Senior Public School (TSP)
  • Eglinton Junior Public School (TSP)
  • Fairbank Public School (TSP)
  • Flemington Public School (EL)
  • Forest Hill Collegiate Institute (EL)
  • Forest Hill Junior and Senior Public School (TSP)
  • Glen Park Public School (EL)
  • Glenview Senior Public School (EL)
  • Hillcrest Community School (TSP)
  • Humewood Community School (TSP)
  • J R Wilcox Community School (TSP)
  • John Polanyi Collegiate Institute (EL)
  • John Ross Robertson Junior Public School (EL)
  • John Wanless Junior Public School (EL)
  • Joyce Public School (EL)
  • Lawrence Heights Middle School (EL)
  • Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute (EL)
  • Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School (EL)
  • McMurrich Junior Public School (TSP)
  • North Preparatory Junior Public School (EL)
  • North Toronto Collegiate Institute (TSP)
  • Oriole Park Junior Public School (TSP)
  • Spectrum Alternative Senior School (TSP)
  • West Preparatory Junior Public School (EL)
  • Winona Drive Senior Public School (TSP)
  • Yorkdale Secondary School (EL)

Schools in TDSB Ward 13 (Don Valley West) City Ward 15

  • Bedford Park Public School
  • Bennington Heights Elementary School
  • Bessborough Drive Elementary and Middle School
  • Blythwood Junior Public School
  • Denlow Public School
  • Dunlace Public School
  • Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy
  • Harrison Public School
  • Hodgson Middle School
  • John Fisher Junior Public School
  • Leaside High School
  • Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute
  • Maurice Cody Junior Public School
  • Northern Secondary School
  • Northlea Elementary and Middle School
  • Owen Public School
  • Park Lane Public School
  • Rippleton Public School
  • Rolph Road Elementary School
  • St Andrew’s Junior High School
  • Sunny View Junior and Senior Public School
  • Thorncliffe Park Public School
  • Windfields Junior High School
  • York Mills Collegiate Institute

For the complete list of operating schools in TDSB’s 22 Wards, please see the Appendix C in the Board Report